You may feel unhappy, anxious and stressed. Perhaps you want to know why you get angry with some people and not with others, why you are unable to move forward, feeling stuck and frustrated. You may want to assert yourself more, communicate differently. These are some of the reasons why people come to counselling.

Counselling is a talking therapy. When this is difficult this may be combined with other creative activities such as writing and drawing. The aim of counselling is to support and provide you with a confidential opportunity to explore personal issues in safety, focusing on your emotional needs and problems.

Through talking you can find out things about yourself that will help you understand what is going on for you. My role is to help you develop your own understanding. Just as nesting dolls consist of a series of wooden figures which reveal another figure inside, so does our personality consist of many different parts, some of which we may find hard to accept. Just as with the opening up of each doll, through talking we can gradually learn more about our innermost parts. This can lead the way to greater acceptance of yourself and others. By being more aware you will change and feel more empowered to choose to do things differently.

This work is about being true to your self rather than being who you think you 'should' be, to reclaim those parts of you that have been denied. This is both challenging and rewarding work leading to emotional healing and growth. It works best when we both commit to engaging in the process. We will attend to your whole person: how you/we make contact, talk, hear, listen, move, breathe and see. I will explore with you what you feel, do, want, avoid, expect and dream. The emphasis is on how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

When faced with challenges we learn certain ways of coping which may have become unhelpful and keep us stuck. We can examine your past experiences that may affect the way you see your life now and how that view may be causing you to ignore your real needs and add to your pain. Armed with this knowledge you can move to a healthier attitude towards yourself and the world.


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